Director General’s Message


“By carrying out training activities with customer centric focus and by attaining the confidence of our shareholders, customers and society, Management Development Institute (MDI) aims to be an outstanding Institute making a significant contribution to the national development efforts.

We will continue to strive for excellence in all spheres of our activities and to produce high quality students through the use of advanced technology and new knowledge and ready-to-use skills in our training, be an attractive organization for consultancy and a reliable go-to-business partner.”

The Management Development Institute (MDI) exists primarily to transform the lives of individuals to shape our society for the better. Today, I am happy to report that by all indications, our activities are consistent with both our mission and our mandate. I must restate that I have been guided by the thoughts of all the Directors General who served this educational powerhouse and positioned it to unequivocally carry out its mandate in helping to strengthen both the public sector and private sector build and imbibe new knowledge and skills for their entities to flourish in an increasingly challenging world.

In this regard, our programs have been revamped to better equip not only the aspiring entrants or their seniors in the workplace but also fresh school leavers with the requisite skills, knowledge and proper attitudes to help them ascend their respective career ladders and hopefully dodge financial insecurity.

Based on the effectiveness of our programs, there has been an exponential increase in enrollment. There has been record enrollment in almost all our programs more especially the ones run by the General Management and Policy Analysis Department. On our part therefore, we are fulfilling the yearning for higher quality education for our students who by all indications are eager for the experience.

The Institute’s growth in student enrollment was matched by a correspondent increase in the number of highly knowledgeable, skilled and motivated teaching staff constituting both full and part-time tutors. The gains in both student population and quality faculty members appear to result in academic programs that have a broader reach and broader appeal to top students, which in turn aid in the recruitment of more high-performing educators willing to give their time to the institution.

We believe that the impact of the MDI education could be even more profound. And our students and the nation stand to benefit the most. Over the course of this year, we have examined and recast some of our programs to help us extend our educational mission: how we can better educate our existing students, and also how we might disseminate knowledge more broadly to reach students who cannot access our campus. In such cases, the mode of delivery has been meeting them at their workplaces or running retreats.

In addition to advances in our academic mission, we remain committed to our vision of preparing our students for today’s workplace, as well as corporate and public leadership roles. So every decision we made was done with an eye toward the future.

Thank you!