Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Administration


Public Administration is a broad-ranging and amorphous combination of theory and practice; its purpose is to promote an understanding of government and its relationship with the society it governs, as well as to encourage public policies that are more responsive to social needs and to institute managerial practices attuned to effectiveness, efficiency, and the deeper human requisites of the citizenry.

In this course , we review the role, challenges, legal and administrative framework of The Gambia Public Service in the Development Process, and assess the impact public service has had on the lives of all the citizens during the colonial legacy, through the first Republic , and now.

OBJECTIVES : By the end of the course, students would have:

  • Acquired adequate preparation for the fulfillment of their administrative functions
  • Acquired a firm foundation for personal development for challenges in the future
  • Been exposed to the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their overall operational effectiveness
  • Acquired skills to better manage public resources


PGDPA 001    Public Management & Governance

PGDPA 002    Public Policy Analysis

PGDPA 003    Public Finance and Accounting

PGDPA 004    Leadership in Organizations

PGDPA 005    Strategic Management

PGDPA 006    Public Sector Communications

PGDPA 007    Economic Development Planning

PGDPA 008    Decentralization & Local Governance

PGDPA 009    Strategic Financial Management

PGDPA 010     Research Methods & Research Management

Duration: 12 Months

Cost: D26,000

Career Prospect 

Management Portfolios, Public Administration, as well as Civil Society Positions

Eligibility / Admission Criteria: Prospective students should have obtained at least an Advanced Diploma in Management Studies (ADMS) or Public Administration with a minimum grade aggregate of ‘ C’ ; 3-5 years’ work experience at the middle-level management in the Civil or Public Service.