Executive Diploma for Women in Leadership and Community Development


The Executive Diploma for Women in Leadership, Gender and Community Development is an innovative program geared towards meeting poplar demand relevant knowledge, skills and attitude in the quest to fit in within any relevant gender space. It attracts job opportunities for career women both locally and internationally. Beneficiaries of the program includes career women from the private sector, NGO sector and even the public sector including staff of the Gender and Development Department. It is open to both local and international students and this leads to sharing of knowledge and experience.


EDGD 001    Leadership and development theories

EDGD 002    Gender concepts and issues

EDGD 003    Gender and public sector reforms

EDGD 004    Gender mainstreaming and sectoral practices

DDGD 005    Women role models, leadership and governance

EDGD 006    Women and law

EDGD 007    The role of the non state actors in gender and leadership roles

EDGD 008    Gender based violence

EDGD 009    Gender and human rights

EDGD 010    Conflict management and resolution

EDGD 011    Gender responsive budgeting

EDGD 012    Monitoring and evaluation skills

Duration: 9 Months

Cost: D14,500

Career prospect

The great opportunity for career prospect upon completion of the program, one gets equipped with the