Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies


The course enables participants to identify and understand the causes of conflict at the local, regional, and international levels. It aims to foster participants’ skills in conflict prevention and resolution, and in building and maintaining peace. It targets members of Peace Structures, Armed Forces and Police, Local and International NGOs associated with peace building, conflict resolution and conflict management, diplomatic staff, concerned individuals and Civil society Organization.         


DPCS 001    Introduction to Peace Studies

DPCS 002    Conflict Resolution-Theory and Practice

DPCS 003    Religion and Peace Building

DPCS 004    International Law and Peace Building

DPCS 005    Introduction to Security Studies

DPCS 006    Peace Building in PostConflict Societies

DPCS 007    Leadership and Negotiation in Peace Building

DPCS 008    Project Writing

Duration: 12 Months

Cost: D 16,950