Diploma in Human Resources Management


The programs enable students to obtain an in-depth knowledge of human resource management (conceptual foundation) and how to apply that successfully to maximize employee performance in service of an employer’s strategic objectives leading to organizational success. The programs analyse the key activities, features and the environment of HRM, the results and implications.

These programs will contribute to the understanding of human resource management and the strategies towards the promotion of organizational interests in the age of globalisation, as well as techniques essential for their implementation. By the end of the studies students should be able to competently discuss and apply developmental stages and practices of viable HRM for organizational effectiveness.


Duration: 12 Months

Cost: D20,000

Career Prospect 

Human Resources, Business and Management

Eligibility / Admission Criteria: Applicants should meet requirements set by the registry and or possess a Diploma in Human Resources/ Business/ Management or demonstrated work experience ( in 3 years of Business or Management or Human Resources section).