Department of Management and Policy Analysis

The Department of Management and Policy Analysis aims to educate and prepare students for successful careers at various managerial levels in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Students learn the leadership and management skills and techniques that are essential to help corporations and organizations achieve their goals and objectives.

Peace and Conflict Studies is committed to interdisciplinary explorations on conflict resolution, peace building, humanitarian assistance, and other alternative mechanisms that seek to prevent and control violence putting into context the Gambia experience as well as those of countries which continue to be in conflict and those which are in post-conflict situations.

The core management training programmes this Department runs include: the Certificate in Management (CM) Course, the Diploma in Management Studies (DMS), the Advanced Diploma in Management Studies (ADMS), the Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies (DPCS), the Advanced Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies (ADPCS) and a host of specially designed courses for Public and Private Sector Organizations and NGOs (upon request). These range from Induction Courses for new entrants into the Administrative Services – mainly Graduate Executive Officers and Assistant Secretaries; Middle-level Management Workshops; and Senior-level Management Seminars.

The Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies (DPCS) was launched in July 2009. The broad aim of the course is to provide a strong foundation in issues and challenges of Conflict Management, Humanitarian Intervention, and Peace Building within a Peace Studies perspective.

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Course Coordinator:  Mr. Lamin B.T Sanyang

Numbers: 2000882 / 9999211