Department of Financial Management and Accounting

MDI offers the opportunity to gain business-related qualifications to ambitious people who seek rewarding careers in accountancy, finance and management. Accountants and financial managers play an important role in both the public and private sectors. As advocates of sound business practices, champions of sustainable business development and identifiers of value drivers which lead to high-performing organizations. MDI’s Financial Management and Accounting Department currently runs full-time courses leading to professional qualifications and with international recognized external certifications.

The Finance and Accounting programmes emerged in the late 1980s following the Civil Service Reform initiative to train civil servants as Accounting Technicians (AAT) and eventually allowing the best students to attain the chartered/certified professional qualification of ACCA. Because of the demand for this profession in the 1990s, the private sector became more interested in training personnel to boost financial management and accounting efficiency. As a result, MDI became the key institution in the provision of this service. For over a decade therefore, we have had the comparative advantage of running the programme and we still retain that status even though other private institutions have embarked on these programmes in recent years. This highly popular professional programme has contributed greatly to MDI’s professional link with the private sector and contributed to an overall boom in business development in The Gambia especially in the Banking sector. MDI will have a key role in the development of a Business School and Management/faculty within an integrated UTG system. It is important to note that the teaching team in Accounting has attracted highly trained and credible professionals with private sector experience. This has also added to MDI’s growing partnership with private sector institutions for staff training.

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Course Coordinator:  Mrs. Fatou Barry

Numbers: 9940374/ 4397507