Department of Banking and Finance

The economy of The Gambia is growing at an impressive rate. In the past decade, the country’s banking sector has witnessed a rapid expansion with many players entering the market to meet the population’s increasing demand for banking services. Thus there is a need for a highly skilled human resource base to occupy the challenging positions in the expanding financial sector. In recognition of this need, MDI is offering a range of professional courses in Banking and Finance.

The Banking and Finance Department is a recent addition to the training departments offering homegrown courses at MDI. It started in the last two years and has attracted a large number of students from the Banking sector. The courses provided cover the Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels and the courses run for 6 months providing High School level students and Bank staff with adequate banking and finance principles, business and management skills and commercial law and general economic principles. The response in participation from the private sector is overwhelming and this programme is seen by many as a potential professional Degree programme for MDI to offer in an integrated University system. This Department is one of the fastest growing departments and has the most number of students at MDI.

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For more information, please contact:

Course Coordinator:  Mr. Frederick Ukpong

Number: 9981666