ICM Certificate in Commercial Studies


This programme is designed for those school leavers who seek either a qualification in order to enhance their employment prospects, or who need a foundation qualification in business studies in order to enable them to progress on to higher business and management programmes. The course content provides students with a comprehensive overview of business, introduces them to economic theory and also provides knowledge about the manner on which businesses operate and how they are formed and structured. The functions and activities of different business departments are also covered. In addition, the course introduces students to business documentation, bookkeeping, accounting and business communication. Students who have an ICM Certificate may apply for entry to the first year of a relevant degree programme at a prospective university in the UK.


CCS 001    Business Finance and Bookkeeping

CCS 002    Business Organisation

CCS 003    People in Business

CCS 004    The Business Environment

CCS 005    The Structure of Business

Duration: 6 Month

Cost: D6,300 + external fees