Advanced Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies


The Advanced Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies (ADPCS) gives a deeper understanding of the important interweaving of the global, regional, and national mechanisms and institutionalisms for Peace, Security, Conflict Resolution, Human Rights and Development.


ADPCS 001    Intro. To Intl Humanitarian Law & Intl. HR. Law

ADPCS 002    Conflict Prevention & Peace Building in Africa

ADPCS 003    Violent Conflict Formations & Resolution in Africa

ADPCS 004    Post Conflict Reconciliation, Reconstruction & Global Peace

ADPCS 005    Religion in Conflict & Peace: A Comparative Study

ADPCS 006    Military & Civilian Relations

ADPCS 007    Ethnicity & Culture in Peace & Conflict

ADPCS 008    Peace Initiative and Peace-building

Duration: 12 Months

Cost: D19,500